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In March 2013 my husband and I bought a pizza to go at Rockin' Tomato Pizza on South Lamar St. in Austin, Texas. While eating this pizza I bit into a "seedless, sliced" olive and broke the top off a very expensive bridge in my mouth. I immediately took pictures of the tooth pieces, the pizza slice and the two olive pits in my slice. I wrote a detailed letter about the experience and sent it to the owners along with one of the pictures.

The owner responded quickly and acted like he cared. Meanwhile, I went to my dentist to get a bid for the damage, which amounted to well over $2,000. But my own insurance coverage would cover all but $900. So that's what claim I submitted to the restaurant's insurance company, which is Allied Insurance. A company I've never heard of, by the way. Now I know why.

At first the company responded well and wanted all the details, all over again, even though they had the paperwork I had submitted to the restaurant owners. I was told by the adjuster named Jeff Mabrey that they were going to contact my dentist (I guess they didn't believe the written bid she had given me) and would get back to me.

Three months later I finally got a call this evening from some bitchy woman who started asking me questions and going over the paperwork all over again. I told her, "You already have this information. And what happened to Jeff?"

She told he had been "transferred to another department" but I didn't believe that for a minute (and indeed, I called his extension after talking to this woman and he still has the same job). The case obviously got kicked to the department that refuses to pay even a small amount for a claim. And believe me, $900 is chump change to an insurance company. But it can be a lot to an individual.

So I ultimately told the woman that she has a *** job at a *** insurance company (they're not ALL bad - our USAA insurance has been wonderful to us over the past 40 years). I told her to have a nice day and hung up.

Avoid Allied Insurance like the plague!

Monetary Loss: $900.

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