After > 10 years with Allied Insurance/ Home policy, it was decided that my home was no longer acceptable for them to cover. Really?? No claims within that > 10 years, monthly preimiums paid, which is a LOT of $. Because your home is a manufactured home on a PERMENENT foundation, walk-out basement, your home is, and I quote, "Unacceptable." What's next, your too old, too ugly, too fat for us to bother with you, you know, "Unacceptable." Thank goodness for energetic, up-beat insurance agents.

I'll be OK but, when is enough, enough? And heaven help us, what's next?

Thanks for listening,

a concerned consumer BR

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Helena, Montana, United States #756505

I'm sorry this happened to you. All companies have guidelines that they must submit to the state for approval.

Unfortunately, Allied does not have coverage for Manufactured Homes in their guidelines anymore. They actually haven't for many years in a lot of states - unfortunately agents don't always do what they're supposed to.


This is the worst experiance I have ever had in my life with an insurance company...now mind you I have been insured for over 12 years with the another company, I left just trying to save money but after I left my company alied raised my price over $350.00 and then the real trouble started. Roof exclusion...so I paid over 4000.00 for a new roof, next it was peeling paint WTF do they want to insure only new homes???

Then my other rental home needed a roof exclusion and on and on it went for the next 2 months. They never informed DMV that I had car insurace so instead of going online to pay for tags I had to go to the local office and spend hours of time waiting to prove that I did have insurance! Alied sucks beware!!!

I am now with another company..they informed DMV in a weeks time, plus no need for exclusions on my other property or a paint job!


they just droped me after 13 years with no claims because Im high risk, I dont know why cause Ive never made a claim ever with any insurance. As far as the guy that say find a company that handles your type of property, if they dont cover a certan type of home they should tell you that before taking your money for ten years. This company sucks!


Find an insurance carrier that handles your type property, not everyone does. The acceptability factor is a company wide decision.

Manufactured homes have their own special risks. You will probably find a company more compatible with your needs.

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